Monday, July 4, 2016


Hello! I have created this blog to help sooth my "crazy" while waiting to be proposed to. Now, we just came back from vacation. And on this romantic vacation he and I went ring shopping! And, he bought it! And I cried right there in the jewelry store. And then.....! He put it in the safe at the hotel. We got back 3 days ago. No ring. No word about it. We had numerous romantic times on our vacation and he has not given it to me :(. I seriously believe that if I do not start this blog that I will consider him dangling this ring as leverage cruel and may resent him. I am trying to just sit tight. But, why do I have to sit tight? Who would do that to someone? I feel like I have been seriously disrespected like its a carrot on a stick. Its just hard to deal right now. I hope that I can show my hand with the ring on it in the future. The way he did this makes me feel like he doesn't care how I feel.